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Social media has become a wasteland of content vomit and negativity spewed out online, left in an unorganized mess. But MiLegacy is a social media platform that allows you to not only narrate your life’s story in the moment and anyway you want, but also provides you complete control over what you see and from whom you see it. The MiLegacy app empowers you to organize and prioritize key memories, ensuring precious moments are never lost. Like a digital scrapbook, cultivate your most cherished milestones and memories for generations of loved ones to enjoy. Learn more about using the MiLegacy social media app today!

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One of the amazing things about the MiLegacy social media platform is the ability you have to document milestones in your life right when they happen and in your own voice. From graduating high school or college to starting a family of your own, life is filled with these important milestones and memories. MiLegacy helps you record, sort and filter those milestones by categories so you and your network of family and friends can easily access them whenever you want. Think of us as the digital personal filing cabinet for your life and legacy.

Milestones are like albums. Every story you create is placed into a milestone. This means your stories are organized the moment they are created. Unlike other social media platforms, where your posts are lost in the ether of never-ending content, you or others can find these milestones and relive them in whichever medium(s) you chose to tell your story in!

Milestone Sorting

You can easily view all of your stories by the milestone they belong to by clicking on the “Sort by Milestone” icon located in the top right corner of the app. It looks like a calendar with a checkmark in the middle. You can quickly navigate through all of your stories by the corresponding milestone they are categorized under such as “Arts & Ent.”, “Events” or “Family”.

Sort By Date

If you want to enjoy a series of stories that don’t all exactly fit into a certain milestone category, that’s perfectly fine! MiLegacy also allows you to sort milestones by date. View all of your stories by the date they belong too by clicking the “Sort by Date” button. It looks like a calendar with a checkmark in the middle and fills white when sorting by date. This is a great way to relive special moments from a family vacation, for instance, where several stories on the same day fell into different milestone categories.

Milestone Filtering

Your ability to organize your legacy is even more robust than simply sorting with the MiLegacy app. Our app also allows you to filter milestones completely. Just click the “Milestone Filter” button in the upper right corner of the app to see ONLY the stories in a specific milestone. It looks like three horizontal lines. For example, if you wanted to revisit stories from past birthdays, you can sort your stories to show only those that were categorized under “birthdays.”

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Story Creation

Creating a story with the MiLegacy app is intuitive and easy. No matter your age or comfort level with technology and social media, our app is designed to make story creation a breeze. You have the freedom to tell your story how you see fit with words, images and video. Want to find your story after you create it? Since stories are assigned to a milestone, there is no need to organize your stories after creating them! You can choose your audience and publish date, as well as give your story a title and description.


Stories are the way you create your legacy along the way. One of the amazing things about the MiLegacy social media platform is that you have the freedom to tell your life’s story however you want. This is, after all, YOUR legacy, so you should have control over how it’s told. A powerful synthesis of modern archival methods and social media technology, the MiLegacy app ensures that future generations will be able to get to know you through your most important moments.

MiLegacy allows you to tell your story as a full tapestry with words, photos, video and even your own voice in a safe and secure place. You control who can see your stories or make them public if you want to share your life’s moments with the global community. This is your chance to let friends, family and future generations get to know the real you!

Editing Stories

Do you hate having to create a new story every time you want to modify an existing one? We don’t blame you! It’s annoying. No worries here, because the MiLegacy app allows you to edit any story attribute or add/remove media from an existing story at any time. Just select the “Edit Story” button in the upper right corner when viewing one of your stories. It looks like a notepad and pencil.

Viewing Stories

While creating your legacy is a great way to use the MiLegacy app, you can also connect and share in the legacy of others as well. If a friend or family member adds you as part of their story audience, you will receive notifications to view their story. If a friend creates multiple stories, you will only see one row for that friend! To view all of your friends’ stories, simply click on their notification.

Filtering Stories

This is where it gets good and makes MiLegacy stand out from other social media apps. Want to only see friends’ stories from a certain milestone? The MiLegacy app allows you to filter notifications by milestone category. Click on the “Milestone Filter” button in the upper right corner when viewing a friend’s newsfeed to choose the milestone you’d like to filter your notifications by. It looks like three horizontal lines. This is a fantastic way to see posts about your friend’s kids but not their pets if you don’t really care to see those stories.

Blocking Stories

Sticking with the same example as earlier, are you sick of seeing stories about your friend’s pets altogether? The MiLegacy app allows you to block stories by milestone so you can only see the stories you want. Block story notifications from milestones you don’t care about so you don’t even have to worry about filtering them out. This can be a great way to avoid seeing stories from your uncle detailing his political views, but without having to miss out on his stories about your cousins that you DO want to see, unlike other social media apps, which only allow you to completely mute a person.

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MiLegacy Features

We've all been there. You've got a great story and want to show the "photo-evidence". But first, you have to scroll through 3,000+ images to find it. Streamline that process with the MiLegacy app. Described as a “historical repository” with an equal emphasis on sharing contemporary events, MiLegacy is here to create a more efficient and impactful social media experience.

Our social media platform is easy to use and includes a number of fantastic features that you won’t find with other social media apps. We want you to celebrate your life as you live it in a safe, healthy online space where you control the experience. You’ll find that our app is refreshingly different!

Sort Your Stories By Person & Topic Icon

Time Capsule

Time Capsule gives you the ability to reach into the future and share messages, advice, media and memories to individuals or groups on a specific or relevant date. A great grandparent can leave a congratulatory message to their grandchildren on their college graduation day, for example, even though they might not be around. With MiLegacy, you may be gone, but you are never forgotten.

Add Video In A Snap Icon

Add Video

Multimedia is the way we all share our stories these days. The MiLegacy app invites you to tell your story in whatever medium you choose, including video. Easily upload videos and bring a richness to your story by combining them with images and words.

Talk To The Microphone Icon

Microphone Transcription

If typing on a small cell phone isn’t your strength, that’s perfectly fine! Our app allows you to record your stories through your phone’s microphone, transcribing what you say into written text.

We’re Not Just Another Social Media Option Icon

A New Way to Do Social Media

Unlike other social media platforms that exist as in-the-moment-only apps, MiLegacy offers you a cool way to pull your stories together in a permanent place for friends and family to enjoy.

Stop wasting hours scrolling back through a sea of endless posts and quickly access the moments you want to remember, just the way you intended them to be remembered.

Why Use the MiLegacy App?

Our Website and App Are Refreshingly Different!

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Build Your Legacy

You’ll have your own, secure place to tell your story —  and you share your memories ONLY with those you hold close unless you choose them to become public.

Save Time

There’s no need to dig through endless streams of content. You’ll save precious time because MiLegacy allows you to quickly filter stories by topic or author.

Sort Your Stories

You’ll have your own “digital filing cabinet” sorted by common life milestones.

Always Safe, Always Secure

The story of your life is important. Protect and archive it with the tap of a finger. MiLegacy empowers you to organize and prioritize key memories, preventing precious moments from being lost. Permanently cultivate your memories for generations of loved ones to enjoy.

The MiLegacy app is certified 100% secure by ENTRUST, so your content is completely safe.

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