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We have a story of our own…

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Hatching An Idea

When people are asked" "How many stories do they recall of their Grandparents" and "How many photo's do they have on their phone the answer is typical " A few, less than 5", and "Way too many....like 1000's". Life is a story involving a set of significant events. These events shape our lives, influenced who we are, what we loved, how we lived. In the older days paintings, sculpture, legends, and written journals were how things were remembered. We now have the means to make our path through life a lively dialogue of media, and stories, videos, and written descriptions told in our own words. Our idea is to make the capture of these events as simple as possible for all generations to enjoy forever.

From The Founder

"Life is short but full of events and stories and things that make up our lives. The tragedy is not having the ability to share these, intact, with our future generations so they can really get to know their predecessors. Milegacy fills that gap between transient social media and antique archive technology."

- Ken Huening, MiLegacy Founder

MiLegacy Team

About the MiLegacy team.

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Ken Huening

Ken Huening


Ken has been in the technology industry for 30+ years. He loves to learn earning his BSEE in 1982 and MBA from Pepperdine in 2012. He has 4 patents, worked at 2 successful startups and watched ideas grow from concept into reality. He passionately pursues a future where technology benefits our lives in pursuit of our dreams.

Manuel Silveira

Manuel Silveira

Chief Technology Officer

Manuel has worked in tech for over 20 years and currently serves as an advisor to the Milegacy team. He received a BSEE from San Jose State University and has since pursued a passion in software development.


Rogerio Silveira

Quality Assurance and Personal Relations

With over 15+ years of experience with NPI and Engineering Management, Rogerio brings an unrivaled passion and professionalism to MiLegacy. He received his AA from DeVry University and has a keen attention to detail when addressing feature quality assurance and user-experience.