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The story of your life is important. Protect and archive it with the tap of a finger. MiLegacy empowers you to organize and prioritize key memories, preventing precious moments from being lost. Permanently cultivate your memories for generations of loved ones to enjoy.


The ways we remember the past have changed, but the value of your life has not. A powerful synthesis of modern archival methods and social media technology, the MiLegacy app ensures that future generations will be able to get to know you through your most important moments. Our cornerstone feature is the Content Management aspects. We've all been there. You've got a great story and want to show the "photo-evidence". But first, you have to scroll through 3,000+ images to find it. Streamline that process with the MiLegacy app. Described as a Historical Repository with an equal emphasis on sharing contemporary events, MiLegacy is here to create a more efficient and impactful Social Media experience.

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Build Your MiLegacy

You’ll have your own, secure place to write your own story -- and you share your memories ONLY with those you hold close unless you choose the public option.

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Save Time

There’s no need to dig through lots of content. You’ll save precious time because MiLegacy allows you to quickly filter stories by topic or author.

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Sort Your Stories

You’ll have your own “Filing Cabinet” sorted by common life milestones.

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Keep Your Legacy Alive

Narrrate your life story as only you can tell it. Your family and friends will get to know “the real you.”

Celebrate Your Life While You Live It.

MiLegacy is a safe, easy-to-use online space to tell and share your personal story.

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Our Website and App Are Refreshingly Different!

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About Us

Our idea is to make the capture of life events as simple as possible for all generations to enjoy forever.


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